Evaluating the Fault-Proneness of Aspect-Oriented Programming Languages

Methods and tools: Pearson correlation; R statistics software; dependency analysis using coupling metrics.


This project is concerning the fault-proneness of aspect-oriented programs. We analysed the faults collected from three evolving aspect-oriented systems, all from different application domains.

This project investigated:

  1. The obliviousness property on the fault-proneness of the evaluated systems. The results show that 40% of reported faults were due to the lack of awareness among base code and aspects.
  2. The fault-proneness of the main aspect-oriented programming (AOP) mechanisms, namely pointcuts, advices and intertype declarations. The results indicate that these mechanisms present similar fault-proneness when we consider both the overall system and concern-specific implementations. Our findings are reinforced by means of statistical tests. In general, this result contradicts the common intuition stating that the use of pointcut languages is the main source of faults in AOP.
  3. The effectiveness of coupling metrics as indicators of fault-proneness in aspect-oriented (AO) systems. We collected faults from several releases of a real-world AO system. We applied and compared existing metrics for coupling and other internal attributes. We have also considered a novel metric that quantifies specific dependencies in AO software not captured by existing metrics. The results show that coupling metrics, which are not directives of object-oriented metrics, tended to be superior indicators of fault-proneness.


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