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Designing fault-tolerant SOA based on design diversity (2014)

Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development, 2(1): 13, 2014
Nascimento, Amanda S and Rubira, Cec’ilia MF and Burrows, Rachel and Castor, Fernando and Brito, Patrick HS
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An experimental setup to assess design diversity of functionally equivalent services (2012)

Nascimento, Amanda Sávio and Castor, Fernando and Rubira, Cec’ilia MF and Burrows, Rachel
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Coupling Metrics for Aspect-Oriented Programming: A Systematic Review of Maintainability Studies (Extended Version: 2010))

In Proceedings of ENASE 2008/2009. Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering
Burrows, Rachel and Garcia, Alessandro and Taiani, Franccois
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