Emotional Factors for Teleaudiology (2019)

Leon Sterling, Rachel Burrows, Belinda Barnet, Simone Taffe and Rachel McDonald
In Tele-Audiology and the Optimization of Hearing Healthcare Delivery (pp. 1-18). IGI Global.

The Internet has created new possibilities for health practitioners to deliver services remotely. The potential for telemedicine is yet to be fully realised. Many factors hamper the uptake of telemedicine, including funding models and the availability of technology. This paper concerns one important area often neglected by technology developers: considering the emotions of users interacting with systems and services. We believe that consideration of emotions is essential for the advocacy, adoption and appropriation of telemedicine services by a wide-range of stakeholders, who have diverse abilities and motivations. We consider one area of telemedicine, teleaudiology. We outline emotional factors that need to be considered in providing teleaudiology services drawing on research from software engineering developing agent-oriented models of socio-technical systems. We consider how emotional factors can be taken into consideration of a specific teleaudiology service provided by a successful company providing a teleaudiology service.

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